Link Aviation has been at the forefront of flight training since 1988

Regardless of your countless hours of flying or your simulator training experience, One day you may have to face this situation, sadly you only have ONE chance.


Link Aviation has provided this type of training since 1988.

you will practice airborne manoeuvres derived from real world crashes under the watchful eyes and guidance of an experienced instructor in our specially configured EFIS equipped Falcon 50, sharing same handling characteristics with Airbus, Boeing and most business jets.


Cost €7,500

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-flight briefing

1 hr. flight training (about 5 manoeuvres)

Debriefing & Certificate


Cost €13,500

Duration: 2 days

Pre-flight briefings

2 hrs flight training (about 10 manoeuvres)

Debriefing and certificate

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